Sun Chemical’s Streamline is a high quality alternative solvent jet-ink formulated for use in all popular wide format and super wide format printing machines.
Streamline jet-inks are carefully formulated to match the performance, quality and colour of the original manufacturer’s inks. Our jet-inks are completely miscible with the original inks and can be mixed and used with the original inks so you never waste ink in the changeover process. Our formulations have been matched to the original inks for colour and density and will not require re-profiling of your machine. Simply insert our ink cartridges and enjoy continued quality with greater economy.

Streamline solvent jet-inks are developed and manufactured at Sun Chemical’s Midsomer Norton UK manufacturing site. Our extensive analytical laboratories and manufacturing facility ensures the development and production of robust and reliable ink-jet products with physical and colour properties equivalent to the original manufacturer’s inks.

Sun Chemical is also a leading supplier of pigments and colorants. This not only ensures that we have full access to the latest materials, but a full understanding of the complex inter-relationships between pigments, resins and additives.

Our focus on continuous improvement, quality products, dedicated service and an unparalleled understanding of inkjet technology ensures that each Streamline product can be trusted to deliver consistent quality, performance and value.