Ink Conversion

Converting from original inks

You can start enjoying cost reductions immediately by mixing our Streamline 440ml cartridges with your original inks. However, if you wish for greater assurance, we can provide a Sun Chemical engineer to make an assisted change to our Streamline inks. Our engineer will provide a health check report and sample prints from your machine both before and after the change-over to ensure your complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied, we will change the machine back to your original cartridges.

Converting from non-original inks

Sun Chemical Streamline inks have not been formulated for compatibility with non-original inks. The change from non-original inks to Sun chemical Streamline should be performed by a qualified engineer. The engineer will follow the following procedure:

  • Before conversion – perform nozzle pattern test, print test file and carry out printer health check (visual inspection)
  • Remove existing cartridges or bulk tank system*
  • Install Sun Chemical flushing cartridges in each slot
  • Prime system with flushing fluid and pump all ink supply tubes until clear
  • Install Sun Chemical Streamline cartridges or bulk tank system
  • Prime system until all ink tubes are filled, purge and prime print heads
  • Perform nozzle pattern test and print test file

*Sun Chemical does not recommend re-use of bulk tank systems that have previously contained non-OEM ink. Flexible options are available for replacement with a Sun Chemical approved system.